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Welcome to Geminid's blog! I post my doodles, also maybe reblog things that I like.
You can call me Nids! Thanks for visiting!
Um, if you'd like to use any of my images in any way PLEASE ask me first! Do not repost without my permission please and thank.

Ive been so busy with con stuff and suffering over slow internet I havent updated this blog in a while!

Kisumi and Momotarou buttons for comic frontier in Indonesia this September!!

hiii! im in love with your blog and art :) i was wondering, would it be okay to use your art as my icon on twitter but obviously giving you credits for it in my bio? if not i totally understand i looooove your art gah you're awesome! :D

Thank you very much! You have my permission to use my art. Ive said it in another post but if it wouldn’t be too much trouble id like to know your twitter (it might be weird being on twitter and seeing my art and not sure if this person asked for permission or not you feel?)

it’s been a while but I’ve actually been very busy with con preparation! Here are some kantai collection straps that will hopefully be for sale at Comifuro in Indonesia! also i was sleepy and wrote hiragana ze instead of katakana ze it wont be on the final product though…

may i use your drawing of pastel goth clear as a sidebar image ? i will credit you ^-^

hello anon! I’m cool with you using my art with credit but I would like to know your url (i just feel more comfortable knowing where my art is being used)

doodles i still need to finish.

I’m moving back to my hometown tomorrow !! after that all this hectic packing and finishing stuff will be over so I can finally start drawing peacefully again!

lemonade and dark magic.

I finished fire emblem awakening the other day i..„„  i wish i had the chance to play this earlier it was a great game… i hope to draw more fanart soon„ hopefully with less ugly colors

some wips and OC stuff

I wanted to finish a thing because i learned the other day that june 27 marked the day i fell into naegi hell and it’s also been over a year since DMMD yeah!! 

i also tried designing a giant mecha thing that was an experience and reimu palette challenge that i was too lazy to make look nice

ive been kind of busy and frantically trying to finish things sorry for being slow



June 22nd marked the day that 6 fabulous lads came together and created Young Yodel, the best boyband in existence.

You’ve all been the bestest friends and I hope we can continue to yodel for years to come!

Sara, Tsu and I wanted to do something special to celebrate 1 year of fun and yaoi by making a Young Yodel Game!

Unfortunately making a game is taking longer than expected so we can’t release it.

Here are some ‘screenshots’ of the game though!



I think your linework combined with the general pastle colours you use helps your work stand out. Lovely blending of tone make it noticable on my dash!!

aaaaahhh thank you so much uta;; i really do my best when experimenting with colors;

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